(We will carry on the language)

Čwé·ʔn nyaʔnę̀·ruʔ

Hello my friend! The Nęyękwawętaʔθkwáhshek Tuscarora Language Program (NTLP) is a group of dedicated language advocates whose mission is to revive a Tuscarora speaking community amongst the families of the Tuscarora Nation, re-establish oral fluency of the Tuscarora language, and ultimately create Tuscarora first-language speakers.

Here, you will find information about our projects and a variety of language resources to get you started on your Tuscarora language journey. Have fun!

Here you'll find Tuscarora language resources and videos to help you along your speaking journey.

Virtual Library

Our program works with teachers at the Tuscarora School and this library is a part of that partnership. Read some books in Tuscarora!

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