The Nęyękwawętaʔθkwáhshek Tuscarora Language Program (NTLP) is a community-based group of language advocates whose mission is to revive a Tuscarora speaking community amongst families of the Tuscarora Nation, re-establish oral fluency of the Tuscarora language, and ultimately create Tuscarora first-language speakers. . It is the NTLP’s vision that the Language will once again become the first language of new babies in our community, spoken in day to day business and life as well as at community events. We are staffed by a Director, 4 Curriculum Development Assistants and many volunteers.

The Bird Logo

Our bird logo is inspired by the story of how the Tuscarora language came to our people.

Long ago, everyone spoke the same language. There was a great tree and on the end of one of the many branches of this tree was perched a bird. Whenever this bird hopped onto a new branch it would cause new languages to fall from the tree, giving different languages to all humans.

The designs on the bird reflect motifs found in Tuscarora raised beadwork.