Tuscarora Language Immersion Project

The Tuscarora Language Immersion Project is a vital step in our vision of Language revitalization. To help ensure the survival of the Tuscarora language, the Project will train instructors and develop the instructional resources necessary to deliver an Adult Language Immersion Program. We envision parents speaking to their children at home as well as teachers teaching the language in classes.

The focus of our effort is to develop the necessary resources: both living resources, in the form of teachers/speakers, and digital/physical material resources, to begin creating fluent speakers of Tuscarora.

To meet this goal, we are adapting the language immersion teaching method and materials pioneered by the Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa Mohawk (OKM) immersion program on the Grand River Reserve, Ontario, Canada. The OKM Immersion program has been consistently creating conversationally fluent speakers in a two-year time frame.

Once the Tuscarora curriculum is developed we will seek funding to run full time Adult Immersion Classes. Graduates of our program will leave with quantitative language skills. These young adults, fluent in the Tuscarora language will be the first step in the process for establishing a community of fluent Tuscarora speakers. They can be leveraged in any number of ways, be it in language instruction at any age level, contributing accurate content for digital resources, providing dialog and audio for radio podcasts, authoring books and blogs in the language; the possibilities are numerous.

We welcome you to use the resources on this web-site to advance your Tuscarora Language learning!

*At this point in the Project we are seeking FUNDING not students*