This section is dedicated to short videos produced by NTLP designed to help you and your family speak Skarù·ręʔ in fun and engaging ways. Take a look at our educational puppet video series Čír Uháheh, where you can learn Skarù·ręʔ words and phrases with Čúʔyę and Súheh! Further down, you'll find our song videos to sing along to! These songs are used by the teachers at the Tuscarora Elementary School to help students learn vocabulary. The songs are very catchy! Enjoy!

Čír Uháheh

Meet Čúʔyę and Súheh! Čir Uháheh is an educational puppet video series that brings the Tuscarora language into the homes of our Tuscarora families. Watch Čúʔyę and Súheh as they provide entertainment for children all the while sharing their Tuscarora culture, language, and stories. By connecting with children in an engaging and entertaining way, we can spark interest in our younger generations to further pursue Tuscarora language learning and daily usage.

Čír Uháheh


Watch as Čúʔyę and Súheh learn the Tuscarora words for clans, numbers, and forest animals!

Also in this episode, follow along as the storybooks "Have You Seen my Cat" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle are read in Tuscarora.

Song Videos

Sing along to these tunes and learn some Tuscarora vocabulary! These songs are used at the Tuscarora Elementary school to help students remember Tuscarora words. It's easier to remember things with a song!

Happy Birthday

Birthday Song.mp4

Sing along to this familiar tune in Tuscarora! The words are: θačhęnę́·tih thwé·čhaʔws sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday"



Learn the Tuscarora words for some of your favorite colors! Sung to the tune of "Up on the Housetop".

  • uhwaryá·kęʔ white

  • učirę́hreh brown

  • uhè·reh green

  • kahę́sči black

  • čutakę́hkuʔ purple

  • katkwarà·yęʔ red

  • učiʔtkwáhneh yellow

  • ukę́hreh grey

  • uhwáʔneh cream

  • utihę́·ryeh blue

  • tikačiʔtkwáhnayęʔ orange

  • kawihstanù·ręʔ silver

Farm Animals

Corner Farm Animals.mp4

Who doesn't love farm animals? This jazzy number is sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

  • ushé·rę·t cow

  • kwískwis pig

  • tahuré·tik chicken

  • čir dog

  • ahá·θ horse

  • weʔrá·ksę· sheep

  • ruskwè·nęʔ mouse

  • θúʔyę·t duck

Fruit Rap

Fruit Rap

Fruit, fruit, good food! Get up and dance to this fun fruit rap and learn the Tuscarora words for your favorite fruits!

  • úhyeh fruit

  • kákhwakwahst good food

  • neyuręhyayęʔáh watermelon

  • wí·sę·t strawberries

  • è·riʔ cherry

  • kwáhrak peach

  • unęʔà·rayęʔ grapes

  • uhčíhręʔ pear

  • θwahyù·waʔ apple

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