School Curricula

Tuscarora Language Curricula in the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District

The NTLP coordinates with the NW Language Teachers to enhance the Tuscarora Language Curricula in the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District(NW) grades Pre-K through 12th grade.

For primary grades Pre-K through 6th grade usable classroom materials have been developed such as songs, books and hands on projects which focus on basic communicative skills and vocabulary.

The NTLP has worked closely with the middle school NW Language Teachers in the development of its program since 2010 and has reviewed and updated the curricula and the LOTE Proficiency exam annually.

Students who choose to continue with Tuscarora language education from 9th to 12th grade strengthen their knowledge through a two year Regents curricula. The NTLP has assisted with the development of curricula, resources, and the required NYS LOTE Regents exam necessary to establish this program in the high school in 2012. NTLP helps assess and revise the curricula annually, and edits the final Regents exam before its use.

Tuscarora Language in Niagara University

In 2016, the NTLP began a partnership with Niagara University and the NW High School to allow fourth year students to receive college credit. The college credit was contingent upon the establishment of a Tuscarora language course at Niagara University. As a result, Tuscarora Language 101 and 102 are now offered at Niagara University. The undergraduate level courses are open to anyone interested in learning Tuscarora, the curricula serves to introduce and reinforce basic literacy and speaking skills.

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