Basket of Beginnings

The Tuscarora Language Basket of Beginnings (BoB) is a wonderful gift that NTLP provides to our newborns at the Tuscarora Community Health Workers Annual "Baby Welcoming Social" held each November. It is crucial to ensure that babies are exposed to Tuscarora as soon as possible, to provide a basis for the specific sounds of the language which have proven difficult to acquire at older ages.

Each handmade basket includes Tuscarora language books, recordings and DVDs for parents, giving their babies an ear for the language. The NTLP facilitates a group of volunteers to hand make the baskets and 2 additional handmade items; a doll and a beaded picture frame, every year. An average of 15 baskets have been given out annually since the establishment of the program in 2009.

The materials and supplies alone cost $50 per basket, this does not include the time and skill used in the creation of the handmade items and language resources. These baskets are not available for purchase.

Nyà·wę for your support!