Summer Language Camp

We offer a week-long immersion camp in July. There is an educational requirement of 1 year of HS (9th graders entering 10th grade) and no maximum age. All language skill levels are welcome with an emphasis on speaking!

The Camp gathers at the Tuscarora Nation Building. Our main goals are to continue to share various learning techniques, re-visit the orthography (reading and writing system), and speaking practice, all while in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Due to the pandemic, the Summer Language Camp will not be held in 2021.

Stay safe and we hope to see you at camp in 2022!

  • Practice listening and speaking Skarù·ręˀ

  • Explore techniques that support learning Skarù·ręˀ

  • Teach the orthography (reading and writing system)

  • Explore the meaning and significance of the Thanksgiving Address

  • Connect with fellow language lovers

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