We're always working on something!

The NTLP supports as much language work as possible with our limited resources. Below you will find information on some of the projects Nęyękwawętaʔθkwáhshek is working on to bring language to all Tuscarora people, from infants to adults.

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The Tuscarora Language Basket of Beginnings (BoB) is a wonderful gift that NTLP provides to our newborns at the Tuscarora Community Health Workers Annual "Baby Welcoming Social" held each November.

NEST is the first introduction to the language for many of our newest community members!

This program is geared toward high school and adult learners of the language.

The Tuscarora Language Immersion Project is a vital step in our vision of Language revitalization.

The NTLP coordinates with the NW Language Teachers to enhance the Tuscarora Language Curricula in the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District(NW) grades Pre-K through 12th grade

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